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comedy hypnosis show

Are you looking for a Comedy Mind Magician or Stage Hypnotist who can offer a fun packed and highly entertaining comedy night ?


If you're in need of some light entertainment or comedy for your event or evening look no further than a Comedy Mind Magic, or Stage Hypnosis Show. Why settle for second-rate entertainers, where the only applause is given when they actually get off the stage!


The mind magic show is suitable for anyone,it is very entertaining,and full of humour and uses many props, Jon invites members of the audience to assist in his stage effects.


Jon Patrick can also be booked for his comedy stage hypnosis show. This show will not only entertain and amaze your audience with the power of hypnosis and hypnotic suggestion but make the audience become the stars of show. The hypnosis show is however dependent on audience numbers, 80 to 100, plus ideally, to gain enough volunteers for the full show. The show will normally last around 90 minutes, but can sometimes run longer. For the right occasion Jon can also be booked to do a Mini Stage Hypnosis show, or Mini Comedy Mind Magic Show, for a smaller select audience.
For a mini show we assume there will be no need for a full pa system or microphone, and audience numbers may be typically 30 to 35 people. Please call to discuss on 07825 713391.


The comedy hypnosis show is suitable for anyone over the age of 18 and unlike some comedy hypnotist shows, This comedy hypnosis show does not rely on obscene or inappropriate jokes to make it fun and thrilling for all who attend - how many stage hypnotists can say that?


Jon Patrick can provide his own P.A system, lighting and props, all you need to provide is the venue and the audience! Make it a mind magical or hypnotic night to remember at your event or evening out, book internationally acclaimed mind magician / hypnotist Jon Patrick today.
To view a short demo clip of the Hypnosis Show on YouTube visit,


   For bookings: Tel. 07825 713391


Mind Magician / Hypnotist Jon Patrick is based in Hampshire UK, but can travel Nationally or internationally.


Need a stand up comic? Jon Patrick is also a stand up comedian, with his own brand of adult humour, why not make an enquiry today! To veiw a short stand up comedy set of Jon on youtube, visit the address below,


hypnosis show: Seen the comedy hypnosis show? now watch the dvd...Seen the comedy hypnosis show? now watch the dvd...
If you have taken part or watched a comedy hypnosis show why not mark the occasion with a dvd to show friends and family. Watch your own starring role (and see what you actually got up to in your hypnotic state) or watch your family or friends, priceless.

comedy hypnosis show:What will happen at a comedy stage hypnosis show?What will happen at a comedy stage hypnosis show?
Whether you are taking part or watching the comedy hypnosis show you may laugh until you cry. However if you are not sure if the hypnosis show will be suitable for your audience read here to find out more about the hypnosis show

stage hypnotist: FAQ's - Stage hypnotists and hypnosisFAQ's - Stage hypnotists and hypnosis
Taking part in the comedy hypnosis show is harmless fun, you are in no danger. Separate the fact from fiction and unravel the mysteries and myths that surround the ancient art of hypnotism, hypnosis and hypnotists.

If you are not convinced that this Jon Patrick's comedy show is the right show for you, don't take our word for it watch it for yourself!

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Comedy hypnosis show

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