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Jon Patrick - The Hypnotic Humour Show Jon Patrick is a member of Equity

Hypnosis show info: The Hypnotic Humour Show and stage hypnosis

About the hypnosis show

The Hypnosis show uses the power of hypnotic suggestion to entertain and amaze audiences in a light hearted entertainment show. The hypnosis show is suitable for anyone over the age of 18 and does not rely on lewd behaviour to make an entertaining show. This is in fact one of the things that makes the Hypnotic Humour Show an entertaining show as all jokes are done in good taste (unless you specify otherwise) but still remain very funny. This provides for a thoroughly entertaining hypnosis show providing many memories for years to come. Whether you need some comedy to lighten up your birthday party, wedding, Christmas party or any occasion The Hypnotic Humour Show will make an evening memorable and most of all, fun!


The shows generally last between 1hr 30mins to 2hrs. and relies on audience participation, and numbers around 80 ideally, so please don't be afraid to include yourself in the show. The more people who participate the better the show will be, all volunteers will be perfectly safe. All volunteers are free to leave at any stage and are not asked to do anything too lewd or inappropriate. The Stage Hypnotic Humour Show is one of the few stage shows that actually makes the audience the real stars of the show!


Jon Patrick provides all of his own lighting and equipment, all you need to add is the venue and the audience!


About Stage Hypnosis

Unlike hypnotherapy, stage hypnosis is purely for fun and entertainment and does not set out to cure any mental or physical problems, the only thing that it will do is make you laugh! Stage hypnotic suggestions will not make you do anything that your mind would not normally consider doing in your normal conscious state, although you will be more relaxed and willing to co-operate.


Stage hypnosis works by letting the volumteers fall into a sleep like condition, more open to suggests by the hypnotist than they would otherwise normally be. This enables the hypnotist to offer suggestions to the volunteers to carry out, act out, sing or shout out or what ever else the hypnotist can dream up. The hypnotist however cannot relie on everyone to perform as required and must react to each volunteer in order to get the best possible show performance.


This often means that every show is different, the volunteers will put their own comedy moments in the show and provide a truly unique experience.


Want to see more?

All shows are recorded which enables volunteers and audience members to purchase these for later viewing. Perhaps you want to purchase a copy for someone who couldn't attend, or for someone who volunteered so you can look back on it again and again, or simply to show friends and family. All DVD's are available directly through our web site through our online shop.
You can also veiw a short demo clip of the show on YouTube


All Hypnotic humour Show DVDs and all footage is protected by Copyright,and is authorised for home use only,all unauthorised copying is forbidden,all rights are reserved.


For a short clip of one of the shows please click on the media link to the left, or if you would like to view further video clips and photos please visit our gallery.


If you like to recieve a no obligation DVD preview pack of the Hypnotic Humour Show's demo show, please contact us.